Workshops/ Talks

Jon Lawrence runs a number of educational talks and workshops to people of all ages. These include:

The Songwriter's Experience

In this musically entertaining workshop and lecture Jon reveals how a song is constructed lyricall and musically. By the end of a workshop the students / pupils will have created their own song.

The Author's Experience

In this entertaining workshop and lecture Jon Lawrence talks about his love of language and reveals his tips and tools of the trade.

Understanding Depression

Jon has suffered from this condition for many years and in this workshop he helps dispell many of the myths about the illness. In the talk aimed at teenagers he offers advice on how to deal with depression in an open, honest and accessible manner.

Creative Education & Music Solutions (CEAMS)

As an educator Jon has worked as a music lecturer at the College of West Anglia and City College Norwich, as well as being a music practitioner fora number of pre-schools and nurseries. He is currently a  part-time music sepcialist and creative writing teacher at Denver VC CE Primary School in Norfolk. He has also undertaken voluntary work with cancer patients and learners with severe mental and physical disabilities. Ofsted inspectors described his teaching as "outstanding" and described his approach to teaching as "inspirational."

To find out more visit  the CEAMS website.